Thursday, January 01, 2015

Because Apple is the new Mama

On the very first day of 2015, I had breakfast with older sister Apple and her family at my place. As it was turning out to be a lazy day, and no one seemed to want to go home yet, 8-year-old Martina suggested that we try out their new card game of Scrabble Dash.

Photo included here for your gaming knowledge

So everyone pretended to have acute-onset hearing loss. (I did say it was a lazy day.)

After a few more pleas from Martina, we all finally succumbed. Fine. Brain games. Whatever.

Scrabble Dash turned out to be a F - U - N game, which probably explains the box design. And by 'fun', I mean it brought out the shrieky competitiveness in us. Which is more than I can say for the Game of Life, which we played begrudgingly on New Year's Eve. (And PS, I have enough trouble with real life. Don't let me deal with life, in card form or otherwise, any more than I have to.)

No FUN on the cover ... or while playing

Towards the end, most of us (Martina, Tatay Jesse and me) were standing and shouting, one of us (Juancho) was writhing in laughter-aggravated back pain, and the rest (Apple) was ... well ....

In a nutshell, you play Scrabble Dash by laying down words as fast as you can based on an instruction card. So if the card said 'Proper noun', you can put B - E - Y - O - N - C - E on the table. Simple.

In one round, the instruction card said 'Three-letter word'.

So Jesse immediately put down three cards:

L - A - T

Me: What in the world is LAT?

Jesse (trying to demonstrate): Lat! Lat!!! Lat machine. You know, like at the gym.

Of course he was referring to something like this:

Me with a different race and body type. So, in effect, not me.

Me (without knowing what that machine is really called, but desperate to win): No way!!! 'Lat' is not accepted!

Apple: Lat??? No!!! And besides, that's spelled with a T - H.


What's a lath?

Presenting ...

... a lathe. With an 'e'. And a completely different pronunciation.
FYI, Apple.

And that's how my 2015 began: With a whole lath of laughs.

BOOM! (Season-appropriate ender)

Update: So I was informed by more than one person that there is such a thing as a lath. My apologies for not researching enough. I would still like to point out that Jesse was not referring to either a lath or a lathe. As my loyal friend Marie told me when she read Apple's defense on Facebook: "Too lathe!" Hahahaha! 

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