Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thailand: An enlightening experience

Deep in the recesses of a Thailand mall, I discovered a precious secret that was kept successfully for ages and ages. Today, in this unholy hour, I bestow upon myself the responsibility of letting the world finally know how Hello Kitty stays as bright as light.

Sorry Hello Kitty, I had to do it. 

Of course, Hello Kitty is not known for selfishness and hoarding. Apparently, she shares her beauty products with her cousins in Safari World ...

Hello, Kitty. Stay ... stay ...
and some really REALLY distant (and creepy) relatives.


At least the flamingoes weren't into the whole peer pressure scene. They took the opposite route and went crazy with some Stabilo (am I circa or what?). Highlighter parteh!!!

Why am I having med school flashbacks?

There you have it. Another edgy photojournalistic piece from me. I'm sure this would've been better if I had some kind of photography or editing talent, or maybe a smidgen of sense. To make up for it, here's (a younger) Martina impersonating you-know-who. Because a smiling child makes everything better.

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