Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a really useless entry with the word "kisses" in it

i break this blog's unintentional coma to post a possibly soul-altering question:

what is the little strip of translucent paper wrapped around hershey's kisses for?

(here's a second or two so you can think about it for a while.)

i mean ... does it help you unwrap the chocolate? because if you're having serious trouble removing the foil wrapping, then i will leave you alone, as you probably have bigger problems than wondering about chocolate packaging. as a part-time obsessive-compulsive person, i enjoy every wasted second of carefully opening the smooshed up foil to reveal the joy that is inside – ergo, when it comes to this part of eating chocolate, i don't need help. (ask me about other things i may need help with though. you might come in handy.)

does it help remind the eater as to what kind of kisses he or she is eating? maybe. did trees really have to die for chocolate labels?

incidentally, i just found out you can order special kisses with customized strips. i'll bet someone somewhere has proposed marriage using specialized kisses. so i guess in some parts of the world, the strip has meaning. awww.

i should rename this blog "a hundred and one ways to prove that my life is insignificant".

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City Slicker said...

Two theories:

1.) It is indeed used for unwrapping the chocolate candy. You know how it is in cigarette packages where there is this thing you pull around so you can get the top plastic lining off?
2.) Label. They can't just print the word Kisses without the word being scrunged up or distorted once it embraces the sweet chocolate candy. The only possible way to label it was if a piece of paper was sticking out of the top. Or they could have a round sticker underneath. It would have been easier.