Sunday, July 01, 2007

a ridiculously boring blog revival with the word 'sexy' in it

i like how wannabe creative writers (such as ... um ... me, actually) see rare opportunities to get published and go for it.

i was eating choco crunchies, which are chocolate-covered cookies that happen to be one of my favorite snacks from childhood. as my eyes drifted towards the box flap, i was pleasantly surprised to read:

"If desired, these delicious fancy milk chocolate biscuits may be chilled before serving."

it's not the best sentence construction, but still. someone let it rip. someone was not satisfied with "for best results, chill before serving."

aylavet. the cookies AND the unnecessary words.


and speaking of unnecessary words? i'm trying to revive my blog.

a quick rundown of my life-thoughts since my last entry:

1. martina is now 1 year old. she's an adorable little (and i do mean LITTLE) baby tazmanian devil. she likes licking the underside of shoes and scratching the face of whoever is holding her until the carrier screams in agony.

2. i loved melinda doolittle of american idol. she got booted out before the finals. life is never fair. ever.

3. i, who used to fall asleep after 2 seconds of watching tennis, can now stay awake until 3 am watching matches. why? one word: RAFAELNADAL. i heart sexy. (i never said my life was meaningful.)

4. i eat too much clover chips (again, another childhood favorite ... and again, something no one really needs to know).

5. work is – quite possibly – controlling my life.


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Ivan said...

i should stop reading your blogs in the office--people might start to think i'm slightly insane