Wednesday, June 08, 2005

it doesn't ad up

what's happening to the print ads?

apparently, it's not a requirement anymore (was it ever?) to have the actual product on the ad.

imagine that you hibernated for 10 years in some media-deprived island. (you may or may not imagine someone on the island with you. this is not a psychological test. the "island" is not your "heart" or anything of that sort. and don't pretend you haven't taken one of those tests.) next, imagine that you decided to return to the city and the first thing you see is a billboard for MANGO and all that's beside the logo is the gaunt face of a woman who looks like she needs to eat . . . well . . . a mango. assuming that you did not conclude that MANGO sold underweight women (or maybe just their heads), would you know that the ad is for a store that sells "fashion for the young, urban woman" (tagline not from stock knowledge, mind you. i checked the site)?

my current favorite ad-of-such-nature is the GOLDTOE SOCKS ad on the side of the Market! Market! (note the effort at assuring correct capitalization and punctuation) mall at bonifacio global city. on the huge ad is the face -- just the face -- of a smiling man . . . a very happy man . . . a very happy thirtysomething man . . .

and, from the looks of things, a very happy thirtysomething man who had just swallowed his lovely GOLDTOE SOCKS.

there is no other explanation. the world makes sense again.

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Pasig Raver said...

alternative explanation -
the very happy thirtysomething man's smile is warranted by a strategically placed GOLDTOE SOCK (singular, mind you) that disproves the very happy thirtysomething man's insecurity.

hmmm... palaisipan...