Friday, June 03, 2005

5 months after resigning

what i miss about my old office:

1. laughing every day. i had tons of work, sure, but there was always room for an all-out belly laugh from time to time.

2. broadband.

3. seeing more than four people -- some of which were ("are", allegedly) good friends -- on a daily basis.

4. the option to eat out every day. i like food. so sue me.

5. broadband.

6. corporate attire. i miss fussing over clothes and makeup.

7. air-conditioning that made you doubt if you were still in manila. or, as i used to call it, "air-conditioning that could make hell freeze over." (i remember making a mental note to blog about that aircon. so much for mental notes.)

8. broadband.

interestingly, these are not enough to propel me back into the ol' corporate lifestyle. i don't know what will. all the people who find out i work from home say they want to have my life. minus the acne, i presume.

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