Tuesday, July 27, 2004

the problem with office mp3s

to drown out the distracting hum of typical office activity, i listen to mp3s at work. ironic but true. 

as i have no mp3s of my own, i have links to a couple of officemates' mp3 folders. and because i am laziness personified, i usually just lump ALL the audio files into one humungous playlist and play them at random. which means, of course, that i am slave to the musical preference of other people.

WHICH MEANS, it can happen that while staring at the blank wall beside me trying to think of how to reword a sentence from hell, i will be suddenly painfully aware that i am being subjected to "last thing on my mind" by steps.

(to those who do not know this song: as your punishment for being so sheltered, i will send you the music video. YOU try getting it out of your mind. this song is virtual bubble gum on your virtual shoe sole.)


city slicker said...

There was something in your voice
That was telling me don't be so sure
Arousing my suspicions
Like it never did before

And now you're suddenly like a stranger
And you're leaving your love behind
Lalalalalalalalalalalalala... for....
It was the last thing in my mind.

Oh, woh oh!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know what you mean. been a victim myself. it was almost the death of me when i suddenly heard "especially for you" by kylie minogue & jason donovan play from my very own collection of mp3s! i couldn't even remember how the heck it got there in the first place.