Sunday, April 17, 2016

Family status is very quo

After a fun two-week vacation with friends, it really didn't take very long for the parental bloopers to come rolling in.

Oh by the way, the two conversations below transpired in Taglish, but for the sake of my non-Filipino-speaking readers who rely on the unreliable Google translate (I'm looking at you, Malinda), I've translated everything.

Story #1: On the night of my arrival
Me (showing some of my favorite pics on Mt Titlis): Look at how pretty the snowy mountain was! Nice view, right? 
A very. nice. view!
Mama: Wow! You rode on the SkyCable!
(As in the local cable TV provider) 
Dad: Hahahaha. SkyCable!?! Hahahaha!!!
(I think they take turns laughing at each other's booboos, just FYI.) 
Me: Um, actually ... it's called --
Dad (still laughing): SkyCable!?! It's called ... hmm ... wait ... *isn't* it called SkyCable? Seems right. Hmm. (then, convinced) It's SkyCable!
OK then. As long as they agree.

Story #2: Two days after I arrived
Dad: I want to watch the Batman v Superman movie. It looks good. And in the ending, Superman ... (PROCEEDS WITH WHAT I'M THINKING IS A MAJOR SPOILER BUT I'M NOT POSTING IT HERE IN CASE IT IS!!!) 
Me: Um, first of all, spoiler alert? I haven't seen it! Also, I thought you haven't seen it either? Why do you know?  
Dad: I read it in the newspaper. But you know, the person I really want to win is ... Robredo.
(As in Leni. A real person. Not part of any comic universe. The VP candidate. The *best* one.) 
Me: Well that was a big topic change.

So there's that. All's well in the homestead. Except no one has seen the movie yet. Maybe I can just wait for it to be shown on ... wait for it ... SkyCa --

OK, I apologize.

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