Friday, March 30, 2012

Photojournalism entry #2: How to convert yourself into an anime character using nature

I love my bangs (that's 'fringe' to British folk?). I've had bangs for a while now and I don't see myself letting them grow out anytime soon. I know I have a particularly large forehead (many people have pointed it out to me – thank you, many people) so bangs are also quite useful in my efforts to cover up. 

This is me. In my head.

I'm not saying that wide foreheads are ugly, OK? I don't want Tyra to get all up on me. ('All up on me' – who the heck am I?). 

For some people, having beautiful bangs comes naturally or is the result of having enough money to have stylists on hand. 

For instance:

Acck! Please don't hurt me.


New girl, new bangs era


Beautiful bangs with a beautiful guy
on the side

Or even:

... with a beautiful monkey on the side

I, on the other hand, need maximum effort and time just to make my bangs behave, stand in line, and not look like they are having more crazy fun than their human owner (me).

So this is a pic of me taken in Macau, where it was cold and blowdrying was a breeze. Note the decent bangs. Note the smile. 

Little did this smiling tourist know what was ahead

Now here's what I discovered: a little frigid rain can turn one into a rather disgruntled-looking anime character. I didn't know my bangs had run amok until I saw my sister take one glance at me after our outdoor adventure and burst out laughing.

You can tell I was holding back some expletives

You are also allowed to laugh. Loudly, if you please.

And now to cancel out the Dora and Pinay anime images from your head ...

Are you SURE we don't look alike? Fine.


Anonymous said...

Lol!I ca laugh out loud, right???? Bwahahahaha!

orange said...

I'll allow it. Hmph.


delsmd said...

bwahahahaha ]:D