Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ending the busiest week with a 'WHAT???'

It's finally Sunday. To say this week was 'busy' is not giving it justice. It was more like if Busy drank about 3 Red Bulls and some uppers and stayed awake for 3 days. And then hooked himself up to intravenous espresso drip. And then ran a marathon. And then ate some chocolate-covered coffee beans ... dipped in coffee.

(Oh wait. It will be December in a few days. I suspect there will be more of these wild weeks to come.)

A few hours ago, as I was starting to feel a teeny bit peaceful, Martina called and asked to talk to me. I assumed it was some sort of a debriefing of last night's wedding, which I helped organize and which she attended.

Martina: Why you be the host? (She's 5. Grammar errors are cute at that age.)

Me: Because my friend asked me.

Martina: I think mom should be the host.

Me: OK.

Martina: Did you see me last night? I was spying on you.

Me: I saw you.

Martina: How about when I went away, did you see me?

Me: No, I didn't.

Martina: 1 + 1?

Me: 2.

Martina: 55 + 60?

Me: 110 ... Oh wait ... 115. (In high school, I was always Best in Math.)

Martina: 70 + 70?

Me: 140.

Martina: Bye!!!

... and now I am very strangely disturbed and off-kilter. Thanks Marteens.

Don't be fooled by the 'innocent child' facade.

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