Monday, September 12, 2011

A new blog?

Aww, 'orangeexpress' is already taken at WordPress. Maybe I should stick to Blogger. The interface over at WordPress is so clean and tempting, though.

Why is it always easier to think of clever names for other people?

Anyway, I was thinking of starting another blog for a separate project, which I might (with a 95% certainty) drop after a few weeks. I'm the type of person who starts writing on a brand new notebook and completely forgets to do it after some time. As a result, my room is home to about 5 or so notebooks that are just less than 5% filled (what's with the percentages today?). Starting blogs is just like that, except more earth-friendly (and my writing has gone completely illegible so the move to virtual notebooks is almost essential).

I will post my new blog address if I ever get around to creating one. Feel free to suggest new names in the comments. And, you know, what to write about. Or, you know, just say 'hi'.

There is a 99% chance I will reply.


Happy said...

how about ponkanexpress? hehe.

orange said...

too late, hehe