Monday, April 04, 2011

The blogger is still alive, just FYI

Here's a quick recap of my weekend with the ever-logical Martina (who will turn 5 this June, hhnnoooo!):

Martina: What part of me do you like hugging?
Me: I like hugging all of you!
Martina: I like hugging your legs. They're so tough.
(I'm so flattered.)
Me: Martina, are you so cute?
Martina: No, I'm famous.
Me: Why are you famous?
Martina: I'm just famous.
(Can't argue there. My blog is exhibit A.)

Later that day, before I helped her shower:
Martina: Can I use the bowl (she was referring to the 'basin') in the shower?
Me: I don't think you can fit. You're too big now.
Martina: Maybe when I'm a baby again? I'll be 2 then 1 then a baby.
Me: Marteens, I'm so sorry but you'll never be a baby again.
Martina: Really?
Me: Yes, you're growing up.
Martina: I'll be a teenage boy?
Me: I don't think you're going to be a boy.
Martina: My cousin is a teenager.
Me: Really? How old is he?
Martina: He's 52.
The scary thing is that she always makes perfect sense to me.


Epilogue: When Martina's mommy read this entry, she told me that this morning, Martina told her she liked hugging my legs because they're "so big and fat". I think I'll stick with "tough". Thanks, guys. 

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Anonymous said...

can i hug your legs, too? hmmm? :) -- LHD

(funny, as usual, O.)