Thursday, December 02, 2010

i think i'll choose the lunch

i don't consider myself a lucky person. the truth is i don't really believe in luck as much as i believe in hard work, careful planning or divine intervention. i've won fewer than 5 prizes in my life, the biggest of which was an electric fan that i won at my first corporate Christmas party. the party host, undoubtedly feeling very witty and proud of her groundbreaking joke, hinted that the winner had a very 'colorful' name. WINK WINK. naturally, everyone looked at me, the new employee with a strange name. i said i couldn't possibly be the winner because my name was so obviously a fruit and not a color. no one laughed.

another time, i won a box of donuts by finding a special mark on the bottom of my chair in a college auditorium. i was so pleased about the unexpected free food, i must've looked like i won a car instead of a free ticket to clogged arteries.

a few weeks ago, a friend told us about a silent auction her NGO was conducting to raise funds. she helped me post a bid on, what else, a meal at a hotel buffet (food and me: it's a serious committed relationship). apparently, everyone at the auction was more interested in stuff like iPads and cameras and laptops that practically no one paid any attention to something so mundane as a discounted meal.

i was a bit concerned though when i received the confirmation letter from one of the organizers. looks like i bid on something i'm really not quite ready for.

i didn't know you could auction those off legally.

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delsmd said...

hmmm... masarap gawin ang masama. it might be good to try the "sinner". by the way, congrats! blog awards nominee ka pala! orange express, FTW!