Saturday, June 12, 2010

mama mushu strikes again

my sisters and i have always told mama to bring a bag with her wallet and phone – or a least some form of identification! – every time she stepped out. actually, we thought we had already driven the point home during one malling weekend. mama left us to use the ladies room but didn't have her phone with her. she was gone for about 20 minutes or longer and we had no way of knowing where she was. after being convinced that she really *was* lost, i went to some toilets and, not finding mama in any (don't ask how i checked), almost ran through the mall shouting "mama!" in a theatrical panic. thankfully, i found her a bit stunned (and tired from all her aimless walking) on one of the many escalators.

"mama, please, never again." i don't remember if she agreed. i threatened to tattoo her name, age, contact info, diseases, medication, blood type and life goals on her back (and it might fit, too) if she refused to bring her bag again.

tonight, we went to church and i noticed her familiar baglessness. "mama! not again! i'm really going to have you tattooed!"

she then excitedly asked, "with a dragon?"


yeeees, mother. you need a dragon tattoo like i need a boyfriend with a drug problem. then again, maybe he would know about inks.


oreo's mom said...

what about microchip? hahaha!! para u cud always keep track of her . and bagless?? i feel naked w/o it.

orange said...

hahahaha!!! i'll consider the microchip suggestion. and yes, i also feel incomplete without a bag. :)

Jess said...

Oh Orange, I share your pain. My mom cannot be left alone and she wanders off when she gets easily confused with her surroundings. The tracking chip sounds good, but I just laughed about the dragon (it may be a subliminal suggestion).