Friday, October 16, 2009

minutes of the marteens

if there's one thing that can make me temporarily forget about all the sadness in the country, it's quality time with an undersized but over-confident, self-proclaimed princess. choice minutes with martina, my 3-year-old niece, make me smile and hope for better, normal days ahead.

how can you not laugh, really?

sample minute #1

i was camped out at my sister's place because of the lack of internet at home. living at her house means an endless supply of martina, who doesn't go to regular school yet.

as i was frantically typing on the keyboard to meet a deadline, i noticed martina, who was sitting beside me, making typing motions on my forearm. i typed, she typed. i stopped, she stopped.

me: marteens, what are you doing?
marteens: i'm working on your arm.

sample minute #2

me: marteens! you smell like citronella.

marteens: no, i smell like belle!

(and if you didn't get the reference, may the spirit of walt disney visit you in your dreams tonight. and make you listen to snow white's high-pitched singing at full blast nonstop for an hour.)

sample minute #3

marteens: (walking around the dining table) mom, i used to be a carrot.

me and marteens' mom: (in unison) that explains everything.

sample minute #4 (my favorite minute so far)

marteens and her mom came from a rather unsuccessful gym class. apparently, the little carrot was not in the mood and refused to participate in any of the activities that day. mom was not very happy.

mom: marteens, when you don't follow me, you make me ... ?

marteens: angry.

mom: and?

marteens: sad.

mom: and what do you want mom to be?

marteens: BOB THE BUILDER!!!

note to martina's mom -- quit while you're ahead.


pinaynewyorker said...

So right about the advice to Apple!!! LOL

Hannah said...

LOL. Ahhh, kids (as if meron). Everytime I see that you have a new post I'm so excited to read it because I'm looking forward to a good laugh. (No, Orange did not pay me to say that.)

Kwis said...

I agree! :)

aristowtel said...

i want to be bob the builder.

aristowtel said...

i want to be bob the builder.