Wednesday, December 31, 2008

can't breathe? nut a problem.

i went to bangkok and huahin this christmas with my entire family. interestingly, the first time we spent the holidays in thailand was also the same time the evil tsunami decided to hit the country and other parts of asia. this year, we almost canceled the trip because of the thai protests.

hmm. maybe we're not good for thailand.

perish the thought. we heart thailand. i mean, if it weren't for that trip, would i have another gem of a mother anecdote (like this or this)?

one night during that vacation, my parents, mia and i shared a cab to go home from iforgetwhere. for some reason, my sister started hyperventilating. drawing upon my residual first-aid knowledge from med school, i told her to breathe into a small bag.

my mother, the paragon of parenthood, dove into her handbag and brought out a small plastic bag, which i thought she would empty and offer to my stressed sister. instead:

"mia, you can't breathe? eto o, kain kang kasuy.*"

i joined mia in hyperventilating. from laughter.

really, mother? actually, i don't know if that was any better than the emergency coffee suggestion offered on a long and cold march night atop a tall, tall mountain.

again, i ask, "how did my sisters and i survive our childhood?" we must be built of stone. or nuts.

here's hoping the next year is funnier (and healthier!) than this one.

(yes! 15 blog entries for 2008!)

*here, eat some cashew nuts.


Bing said...

Funny ka talaga Orange!

EVD said...

I had to get a local translator (Mia) to get the joke, dear...;)