Tuesday, October 21, 2008

afraid of commitment

i like food. wait for it ... i REALLY like food, particularly dessert. i eat when i'm happy just as much as when i'm premenstrual or sad or stressed or bored or procrastinating work or ... and now i'm just amusing myself.

embarrassingly enough, food is one of the main reasons why i decided on a month-long hiatus in chicago. i look forward to traveling mostly because i want to try out new foods (reeeally don't like the word 'foods'), not so much because of shopping or sightseeing.

(disclaimer: i DIDN'T say i don't shop or ... see things.)

when i first explored my sister's apartment, which would serve as my temporary residence during my american hibernation, i was horrified to discover that her place HAD NO JUNKFOOD.

'how will i survive?' i thought, after first being afraid and petrified (didn't get the reference? tsk tsk tsk. ms gaynor will be quite disappointed). so i proceeded to fill her (mia's, not gloria's) home with soda and candy and chocolate and chips and other little reasons why i cannot be a good role model for healthy eating habits.

a few weeks ago, during a trip to naperville, illinois, i had what i would like to call – for lack of more creative, original, restaurant-critic-type words – a cup of sugar dairy heaven.

the venue, cookie dough creations; the combination of choice, cherry chocolate chip ice cream with a huge glob of chocolate chip cookie dough on top. see pic above. you are allowed to drool.


that was me, fainting at the gustatory memory.

i tell you with all sincerity and emotion, i fell in love after the first bite. i think mia wanted to leave me in naperville because i couldn't stop raving about the ice cream WHILE i was eating it. i suppose one can take only so much of 'this is too good. aylavet!!! aylavet!!!' i couldn't believe how i survived 35 years without knowing the joy of cherrychocochipwithchocochipcookiedough. i heart choco chips. in fact, i heart choco chips on top of choco chips ... inside dough and ice cream, respectively ... you know, the aforementioned recipient of intense love.

i'm obviously not a food writer.

anyway, i was on my way to get a marriage license to show my genuine commitment to cookie dough creations, when i got a bit distracted. one thing led to another and before i knew it, i found myself in milwaukee, 1.5 hours away from my current vacation home, holding a double-scoop cone of leon's chocolate frozen custard and falling in love all over again.


(refer to previous *blag*)

now i know why people stray. around every block is a better, sweeter treat. just yesterday at sister's birthday brunch, i had the simplest but most unforgettable beignet, which is like a glorified funnel cake (main difference being that you don't really need to research the spelling of 'funnel cake'). i'm still reminiscing every powdery bite.

i'm not saying these are the best desserts EVER. i'm an equal-opportunity sweet-tooth. in fact, i'm looking forward to a free buffet dinner when i get back home in a few days. spiral at sofitel has the best hotel chocolate chip cookies.

wise men say only fools rush in.

(lame blog jokes = time to go home.)


estikoy said...

first? hehehe. Yey uwi na si eng!

joallas said...

Wait until you get to New Orlean's Cafe' Du Monde - their beignet is "smothered" with confectionary sugar. Along with strong black coffee, it's a perfect mix (perhaps balance).