Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a rolling orange gathers no moss

if there is anything worse than walking up a hill, it's walking DOWN a hill.

and if there is anything worse than walking down a hill, it's walking down a WATERFALL.

today i woke up in a good mood because i was excited to wear my trek shoes (the same ones i wore on my one and only mountain adventure) to work. i felt ready. equipped. psyched to walk the full 20 minutes to the office. was considering skipping to work, as a matter of fact.

the happy mood came to a dead end when i opened the lobby doors and found ...


who does that? what possesses a man to water tiles? was he trying to nourish the moss? more importantly, WAS HE TRYING TO KILL ME???

so there i was – a writer frozen in her tracks, staring at the steady rush of water going down the shiny, slimy tiles of her personal hill.

if i didn't have to work, i would've turned around and sobbed into the bed.

needless to say, i survived the water slide. i did, however, have a few scary wobbles going down. i'm now thinking about wearing a swimsuit, knee pads and a helmet to work. i wonder if they'll mind.

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Hubber said...

Take pictures of this hill. Share!