Thursday, July 07, 2005

the 92,656th entry about mr nephew aka center of my universe

juancho: let's go to bangkok, tita eng!

tita eng aka me: ok!

juancho: when are we going?

me: (attempting to sing the first few words of "the way you look tonight" before realizing that a 3-year-old boy would not get the joke/reference) "sooomeday ... "

juancho: no, not SOMEDAY ...

he then paused, took a deep breath and started singing...


juancho treated me to the entire sesame street theme song while i was busy trying to keep from exploding in laughter. in spite of the fact that i did not understand 98% of his version's lyrics, i learned a valuable lesson that day --

when a kid asks you to take him to another country, just say no.

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cray-z said...

thanks. im sure that will come in useful-ness with my 4 new nefews/neices arriving in the next... 4 months or so.