Friday, May 27, 2005

taking it slow

i've figured out what's wrong with me (or maybe it's an asset? let me know).

i'm fascinated by slo-o-o-ow events. these include, but are not limited to:

- color-coded defragmentation of PCs (i used lie in bed watching the monitor flicker until the wee small hours of the morning.)

- a candle burning to the end of its wick (much difficult now that gargantuan candles are in style. sadly, most of the newer candles are considered purely decorative. see that wick, guys??? use it.)

- download bars filling up (this is considered a slow event thanks to my archaic dialup connection)

these days, i've been tempted to watch the semi-dead plants in lanai-3 spring back to life while i hose them down. i may or may not have a green thumb so i'm testing the waters (pun so happily intended).

forgive me for not warning you that this entry, along with 99% of this blog, has no point.

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