Wednesday, April 27, 2005

speaking of fish . . .

i love it when tv shows cover their arses by making sure the "do not try this at home" line is either said (more than once) or clearly sprawled on screen. but sometimes it just makes me feel stupid.

for instance, if the clip is about a diver who holds a bleeding carcass in shark-infested waters to test if the carnivorous fish will take a bite out of the human as well, . . . DO I NEED TO BE TOLD THAT I SHOULD NOT TRY IT AT HOME?

here's another thought: what kind of lunatic has a pond full of sharks AT HOME?

maybe they should consider revising the line to "do not try this at home or elsewhere, you dim-witted viewer you."


Anonymous said...

One of my classmates - and do NOT ask me how he knows this - said that in the Superman Halloween costumes for kids there is a disclaimer that says "Do not attempt to fly".



Anonymous said...

do you know that superman uses his x-ray vision in his perversions? and according to rex navarrete, batman is gay because he always hangout with that boy named robin? =)

Pasig Raver said...

can you spell "segue?"

Aimless Penguin said...

I like fish...wouldn't it be cool if you had a pond full of sharks in your backyard? "Excuse me teacher but my sharks ate my homework..."